Capabilities & Processes

From design through complete sub-assemblies, J&C has the tools and capabilities to meet all of your metal stamping and assembly needs.

Tool and Die Design and Build

• Part design assistance to ensure all part profiles, forms, and features are easily manufactured with a statistically capable process

• Custom die design and build capability for a multitude of die types including but not limited to Progressive, Compound, Parting, and Single Hit Piercing and/or Forming dies

• Complete tool and die equipment set including Wire EDM, CNC mill, In-House Heat Treating, and a multitude of milling machines, surface grinders, and drill presses


Metal Stamping Production

• Automated stamping capability with presses ranging from 32 to 75 ton

• Coil handling and de-reeling equipment capable of handling coils up to 5,000 lbs

• Completion of secondary operations of stamped parts including, drilling, reaming, tapping, and secondary piercing and forming – providing you a complete part

• Tumbling / de-burring

• Partnered with various vendors to provide surface treatment options including powder coating, plating, anodizing, etc.


Contract Manufacturing

• Turn-key subassembly services from stamped parts through completed assembly

• Manufacturing and/or assembly of provided parts. You provide the components or we’ll source them, and provide you with a completed part/assembly per specifications, including finishing and packaging operations